Niche is an independent boutique brokerage. We have chosen to focus only on specific segments of the insurance industry, providing corporate clients specialised insurance solutions. This is backed by expertise, deep industry knowledge and a reliable panel of insurers.


    We are here to assist mitigate your risk and be there for you in the event of a claim. We begin by understanding our client's business, and then designing niche product solutions that enable them to transfer risk that can prove to be catastrophic for their businesses.

  • Personalised SERVICE

    We utilise our small independent position to our client's advantage, delivering innovative solutions with speed, simplicity and a personal touch. This differentiates us from the world's global brokerages.


  • Commercial Vehicle

    Commercial auto and fleet insurance cover in Cyprus.

  • Employee Benefits

    Employee benefits & various types of non-wage compensation for your employees.

  • Liability Insurance

    Niche makes buying liability insurance cover in Cyprus easy, fast and complete for your business.

  • Marine & Specie

    Marine, Cargo & Specie Insurance Cover in Cyprus.

  • Property Insurance

    Protecting your business property with the right comprehensive insurance-cover package.

  • Specialty Insurance

    Certain unique areas of commercial enterprise require specialised, niche insurance solutions.


  • Independent, better positioned to negotiate terms & multiple options
  • Selective network of insurers/underwriters in Cyprus, and abroad
  • Experience and expertise in sector-specific insurance services
  • Professionals
  • Companies
  • Commercial

No matter what entity or structure you maintain, insurance and risk cover is an essential element of your business. Despite the smaller scale of your operations, Niche can provide expert consultation and access to optimal insurance products, drawing on a wide pool of insurance providers, together with the experience and flexibility to ensure proper dealings and delivery. Sustaining personalised service is at the core of our niche insurance brokerage practice, ideal for business professionals in Cyprus.


Companies, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the most common type of entity in Cyprus and a key clientele segment for Niche. This means our service in this area is most advance, backed by in-depth market experience, as well as greater options in insurance providers and products in this area. Niche Insurance Brokers can help negotiate and develop insurance solutions for this segment, adhering to specific local Cyprus market regulations and conditions, but also extending internationally where needed.


Larger commercial, industrial and organisational enterprises require highly specialised risk cover, as well as a greater degree of tailored- and dynamic insurance solutions. This dictates greater investigative work, market research, business dealings, and ultimately ongoing support. Although due to size, the client might also have greater pulling power, thereby negotiating terms, having an independent expert broker on the case ensures time spent for your business is both efficient, and target-driven.



This website is presented as is and is not complete on the subject matter, but only an overview of the mentioned insurance services/products in Cyprus. For more specific and detailed information please contact Niche Insurance Brokers